Fiddler’s Fancy

Fiddler's Fancy Final - Use PSEThis beer was first brewed for the wedding of Kenny Fraser and Maru.  Kenny is a relation of Catherine’s and is an excellent fiddler (he used to play with Salsa Celtica), so the selection of beer name did not prove too difficult!

Contrary to the Urban Myth, the fiddler in the beer clip is not Willy Beaton.  The image was selected by Angie at Garage Gecko but the name of the character is not known.

Fiddler’s Fancy was a really serious attempt at an IPA.  It is a very bitter beer with an enormously floral/fruity finish.  The recipe has had to be changed as it was originally late hopped with Amarillo hops which are now extremely hard to come by.  I now use a mixture of Cascade and Summit hops which provide the same intensity of finish but with a slightly different flavour.  I will continue to investigate a replacement for Amarillo.

Real ale from Plockton